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25 July 2014 @ 11:49 pm
My cat lost its ability to cat.  
First things first, I'm the realest I just want to wish all the Muslims Ramadan Kareem and an advanced Eid Mubarak \:DDDD/

I've been accepted to the University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD)! Hehe. Psychology is not offered here so I'm quite bummed I'm not doing psychology for a degree. Instead, I will be doing my Bachelor of Business (yes, there's a science to business transition going on here) at their School of Business and Economics (SBE). Established in 1985, It's the oldest, largest and one of the 3 higher institutes that offer degree courses or higher in Brunei.

I haven't been home a lot because the uni is a one hour drive away and freshers week just ended yesterday. wheeee. I've been incredibly sleep-deprived from driving at 6.30AM to get there, coming home late and getting only 3 hours of sleep. There were a lot of briefing sessions and there's so much a person can take with boring briefings. Nope, speakers who speak incredibly loud to the mike isn't going to get me interested. They actually gave us this feedback survey regarding the freshers week and I definitely gave them a piece of my mind alright (you know since it's anonymous and i'm a coward to idenitify myself).

I will able to know what modules that I registered that will be offered to me for the first semester tomorrow. Ah, I'm so nervous. I really want to be able to do all the modules so I don't have to do them next semester. We start classes on August 4th so that's 10 days from now :)

Oh look, a picture of my friend and I having an intellectual conversation in the UBD library.
Note the hamburger hands. Also note the iPod clamped beneath my armpit.

(photo taken from Library@UBD)
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