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Amalina 'Aqilah
15 December 2014 @ 06:59 pm
It's only half through december but i won't be posting any sooner like always so... yea.

Well, not much has happened this year actually. In no particular order,

  • volunteered as an Assistant Teacher at a pre-school for 4 months (sorta miss my kids)

  • got my A Level results from Nov '13 and remembered being super devastated about it.


  • I plan to minor in Japanese language and took Japanese level 1 in first semester. (MY SENSEI IS LOVELY)

  • did my A Level again in June for psychology and went from D to B! YAY! (the result doesn't really change anything tho cuz I'm still at the same uni doing the same course)

  • i haven't declared my major yet but i inititally planned to do Business Administration. But now I'm thinking I want to do Accounting and Finance CUZ NUMBERSSSS I JUST CAN'T GET AWAY FROM NUMBERS

  • made new friends too cuz we were put into a group together for assignments. WE HAVE A MUSIC VIDEO ON SUPPLY AND DEMAND HAHA

  • FIRST SEMESTER IS OVER. Not sure if I survived or not cuz results aren't out yet. BUT i think i did alright. Results should be out in a couple of days.

Read more...Collapse )so yea, that's pretty much it. Happy Advanced New Year everyone! \:DDDD/
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Amalina 'Aqilah
25 July 2014 @ 11:49 pm
First things first, I'm the realest I just want to wish all the Muslims Ramadan Kareem and an advanced Eid Mubarak \:DDDD/

I've been accepted to the University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD)! Hehe. Psychology is not offered here so I'm quite bummed I'm not doing psychology for a degree. Instead, I will be doing my Bachelor of Business (yes, there's a science to business transition going on here) at their School of Business and Economics (SBE). Established in 1985, It's the oldest, largest and one of the 3 higher institutes that offer degree courses or higher in Brunei.

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Amalina 'Aqilah
31 May 2014 @ 03:43 pm
Truth be told, I just realized that it's been a long time since I've posted anything (OVER 5 MONTHS! :O)

Well, let's see, since my last post, I received my A Level results and I can tell you that it wasn't a really good one. I pretty much just curled up in fetal position feeling really miserable for 3 hours while my friends just can't stop texting me what I got for my results. A particular friend texted me 3 times. If she wasn't a really good friend, I would have said fuck off already because after getting such crappy results, I wasn't in the mood to be sobbing with someone over my results.
After 3 hours, I looked for other options and what I can do with my results and just like that, I instantly moved on because I was glad. I was glad that I am able to pursue a degree at my local university on scholarship. Although right now I still don't know if I got in or not  because results aren't out until July (it's slowly killing me tbh cuz i sent in my applications the moment it was open in March). My brothers told me I'll be alright and everything so I'm pretty optimistic about it.
I was pretty disappointed with my Psychology result (a D! :((( ) the most so I sort off paid for another June exam on a whim. I've already sat 2 of the papers (which I sat for the FOURTH time which is ridiculous cuz i could've just paid for A2) early this month and only one final paper (A2-based) left in 3 days. After that, I'm finally done with A Levels. I'm done.
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