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15 December 2014 @ 06:59 pm
Overall 2014 Post  
It's only half through december but i won't be posting any sooner like always so... yea.

Well, not much has happened this year actually. In no particular order,

  • volunteered as an Assistant Teacher at a pre-school for 4 months (sorta miss my kids)

  • got my A Level results from Nov '13 and remembered being super devastated about it.


  • I plan to minor in Japanese language and took Japanese level 1 in first semester. (MY SENSEI IS LOVELY)

  • did my A Level again in June for psychology and went from D to B! YAY! (the result doesn't really change anything tho cuz I'm still at the same uni doing the same course)

  • i haven't declared my major yet but i inititally planned to do Business Administration. But now I'm thinking I want to do Accounting and Finance CUZ NUMBERSSSS I JUST CAN'T GET AWAY FROM NUMBERS

  • made new friends too cuz we were put into a group together for assignments. WE HAVE A MUSIC VIDEO ON SUPPLY AND DEMAND HAHA

  • FIRST SEMESTER IS OVER. Not sure if I survived or not cuz results aren't out yet. BUT i think i did alright. Results should be out in a couple of days.

  • OUH I live in a house about 10 minutes from campus. There's 8 of us and I am the only one from UBD. 7 of my housemates are from ITB. 2 of them are my close friends and the remaining are like new to me. We get along pretty well too. I've gotten really close with an older housemate, Hannan, cuz she's so motherly and we would always talk until late night. But she's moving out cuz her family is moving into the city so we won't be living together anymore :(    I share a room with my girl, fafa, who's been my friend since kindy so like yea, that's cool.

  • going to Kota Kinabalu at the end of december. SHOPPING YEAAAY

  • I got an iPhone 6! cuz my galaxy note 1 has gotten old.

  • we have quite a lot of japanese exchange students at ubd and i remember having this goal that i should at least take a photo with Ken and Fumi (they're really cute 20yo boys who are in 2 of my lecture classes and 1 of my tutorial classes). I FINALLY DID! HAHA. They are from Kagawa Uni. I was told by my friends who've talked to them that they don't watch a lot of tv cuz they're the studious types.

  • I went to the revamped Jerudong Park with Mar and her friends. They decided that they were okay with me joining them cuz i'm not awkward. haha. Cuz they brought 3 japanese exchange students with them to the park who I've only met a couple of times on campus. They're super nice! Yoko and Kumiko are from Tenri Uni and I'm not sure where Yasuka is from (SHE'S SO TALL, ABOUT 175CM AND SO PRETTY) I had problems of whether I should talk to them in English or Japanese but I found out they came to Brunei to learn English so that was a relief. I am not prepared yet to speak Japanese to Japanese people hehe

  • OH ON DECEMBER 2ND, RYAN, FAFA AND I LEFT BANDAR FOR KB AT 10.30PM+++ just to wish our good friend, safwan, a surprise happy birthday. We arrived back in Bandar at, according to Hannan, 2.56AM. HAHA. Ryan drove all the way tho cuz gosh, there's no way I am driving that late. Fafa and I actually brought our umm sleeping companions all the way jic we fall asleep in the car. Fafa with her heart pillow and my plush tiger which ryan called it as 'tiger thingy'. Used in a couple of sentences, 'Oh mal you brought your tiger thingy with you' and 'you should sleep mal if ur tired, with your tiger thingy'. OH the surprise was a success btw. Met with our other friends who are already in KB at nearing midnight and lol, bobot had bed hair, jw's hair was ugly (he didn't lie when he kept complaining about how ugly his hair was in our group chat), i didn't recognize suhail cuz he's gained so much weight (he's bulking up, that's what they call it). Safwan was just about to post '20' (cuz he was turning 20) on his IG and then WE WENT INTO HIS ROOM AND HE WAS SURPRISED (see, success?). Now he has a picture to pair with the '20' caption. After that, we went to this 24-hour cafe, Zuki, in Seria and lol these guys are just stupid sometimes, they were driving at 180km/h at a 60km/h 2-lane. Fafa calls it 'time travelling' XD

  • a good friend who is now in York University, UK said something so significant in our group chat. He said, "It's unbelievable that last year, at this time, we were all sitting at the same table during PS and now some of us are scattered across the world." I thought that was pretty amazing. In the group, besides us who are left behind in Brunei, we've got friends in the UK, India, Australia, Canada and Singapore. It's INTERNATIONAL LOVE INDEED ♥

so yea, that's pretty much it. Happy Advanced New Year everyone! \:DDDD/
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